Nature Reserve: “The Valley of the River Argentino” – Orsomarso (CS)

It’s difficult to describe a naturally rich and surprising area such as that offered by the nature reserve situated in the communal territory of Orsomarso, where everything seems magically surreal.

We are 15 km from the sea ( much less as the crow flies) and we find ourselves in Calabria, a region known for its extraordinary quality of beaches and coastlines, but as yet unknown for its lavish forests, mountains and amazing waterways where it is possible to unleash a multitude of passions such as: relaxing walks, jogging, mountain biking and Nordic walking, as well as fishing in fresh waters and mushroom hunting, as appropriate to the seasons.

It is mainly a flat route ( with short but sweet ascents and descents) adapted to all, and the main road, which winds along the banks of the River Argentino, is passable by car or quadbike at low speed. Along the way, there are numerous points of interest such as the surprising botanical garden, where you can get to know, close-up, the abundant local flora ( with explanatory notes for each exhibit), or the fresh water springs to quench the thirst of excursionists. There is a marvelous 15 metres waterfall, which has carved its way into the rock and a well-supplied picnic area ( with tables, benches and barbecue). There is also a charming refuge, with restaurant, set halfway along the track.


The fauna is also incredible as we can come across unexpected encounters with Deer, Pilgrim Falcons and, occasionally Golden Eagles and Otters ( this last one showing the stability of this ecosystem being unable to adapt to change, and the pure water is enhanced by the presence of River Shrimp).

Contemplating the wonders which nature has been capable of creating here, where you would never expect it, is, needless to say, a unique and invigorating experience. The sensations that this Paradise on earth brings, are a true privilege for anyone.

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