Rafting – down the river

Knowing nature up close, and challenging its power, awakens unknown images and the physical, emotional and sensory involvement is so strong that it forces us to become dependent on it. Not all of these experiences are viable to all. Some are certainly extreme and require mental and physical preparation above average, but some, in the case of rafting, may be experienced with easily and safe by anyone, especially if the local organisations have built pathways with different ability levels and offer the necessary safety requirements, professionalism and reliability.

This is a sporting activity that here, on the outskirts of the Cedar Riviera, does not require particular athletic preparation ( unless you don’t want to become a professional)and is closely linked to that vital element of water in one of its most powerful forms: the river. This lends itself to a great number of metaphoric representations, such as the cycle of life, whose continued renewal reminds us of how transient our landscape is. An excellent opportunity to experiment and develop our capability to work in a collaborative context, where cooperation and reciprocal trust contribute to the achieving of results. This discipline is often used in the course of team building to transmit to participants the fundamentals of team work.

All this and more(to which I leave you to discover the pleasure)is rafting, where small groups of people, aboard robust rubber dinghies and armed with paddles, descend waterways, facing calm straits as well as tumultuous rapids in fairy-like scenery. Right here, near Papasidero, flows the River Lao ( famous to all enthusiasts of this fantastic activity for the quality of its waterways),a source of sustenance and local trade in ancient times, creator of a lush natural setting and today a place to experience. It is an indispensable stop for anyone who finds themselves exploring the wonders of the Cedar Riviera and is adapted to all, young and old, without distinction. Furthermore, it is affordable, fun and welcoming, yes, because it permits you to take home one of the most precious things that a trip can give: fantastic emotions.


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