The ancient town of Scalea, where time stands still.

A few metres from the sea here stands Scalea, where well organized beaches welcome swimmers and where stylish spots liven up the nightlife,.

A labyrinth of streets, steps and arches(being the narrow bridges spanning the walls of the houses and overhung by an archway built of wooden beams which hold them up)where history has clearly left architectural and artistic signs of every age and where everything seems to have been frozen at an unknown moment in time.

One of those extraordinary historical Borgo of the Bel Paese (Italy) where it’s worth dwelling at every step, at each door or window, trying to imagine scenes of a past life in a time that used to be, which will not return but may still feed the fantasy of the traveler.

Half-closing your eyes for an instance, it seems as though you can see the uncertain poise of a bride at the altar with a proud father at her side, or the slow climb of an old woman who, after a tiring day in the fields , returns home to commit herself to the numerous household chores. It is easy here to rediscover oneself, it is easy to understand where our origins come from, it is surprising to finally discover what we want to be and where we want to go. Here, everything suddenly becomes clearer….

città vecchia

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